Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Single Girl

Well, I've joined the Single Girl Support Group (for family/friends that have not heard of this support group, it's to help out with a quilt called the "Single Girl" ... yes hubby and I are still very much together and still in love :)

I'm loving blues and greens at the moment, so these are the colours I think I'm going to go for with my single girl quilt. Not all of these fabrics might make the final cut (I may have a couple darker blue fabrics still on their way through to me in the post :) and I may not go with this order of fabrics .... but what do you think of the prints or colours? Are there any that are glaring at you, just asking to please be removed?

I am thinking of going with a light grey for the background. Pictured is Moda Bella solid in Gray. The other option I'm thinking of is one of Kaffe Fassett's Shot Cottons ..... any ideas on which one might go well? Unfortunately I don't live near any quilting shops and I will probably have to buy it online so any help would be much appreciated :)


  1. Gorgeous fabrics that will look good on the gray. Looking forward to seeing it progress.

  2. Not so fond of just the plain lime green. Another deep blue like the one at centre front would probably really give it some pizazz.

  3. This is going to be such a pretty quilt! I really like the blues and greens against the grey. I haven't used any of the shot cottons so I can't help with that...

    Jennifer :)

  4. Glad to hear you and Andre are doing well ;)

  5. I like the Grey, and your fabric choice....