Thursday, June 2, 2011

Organising My Stash

(Hmmm ... it didn't look this wonky in real life).

I've had my stash stored in plastic storage containers, which definately has it's good points but I have been finding it hard to see what I've got, plus I like to stare at pretty fabric bundles while I decide what I might make next. So recently I did a bit of a tidy up of my sewing room and got some of my favourite fabric out of the boxes and on to one of my shelves and drawers.

How do you store your fabric??


  1. I love seeing a whole stack of fabric all organized and ready to go. Makes me happy. Looks great!
    I store mine in big plastic drawers. Not as fun to admire as yours.

  2. Very nicely organised:) I like to have some fabrics on display in baskets around me to keep me inspired...sort of like a mini quilt shop display.

  3. All over the place! LOL I really would love to get a glass doored bookshelf to put it all in and be able to admire it!

  4. Funnily enough, I did this too at the weekend (well, Monday actually - we had a holiday here in the UK and it was raining as per so I took a couple of hrs in my craft room sorting). It's on shelves (I have an Expedit cube storage thing from Ikea in there) so I have shelves divided into colours (all these fabrics are 1/2 yard or more) - blacks/greys/browns, greens, blues, orange/pink/red/yellow (I don't have too many of those colours) and finally one for collections bought together. I then have an old bureau with FQ's in the two drawers and all my notions in the main part. I have a cube full of plastic boxes with my scraps in (by colour again).

    It has made me realise how bad my green obsession is - that shelf holds by far the most fabric *oops*

  5. I used to have my fabric organized by color, but just redid it this weekend so that it's sorted out by style - batiks, juvenile/novelty, dots, stripes, solids, tone-on-tone, classic calicos, florals, moderns, and holiday. I think this is going to work better for me. All of my yardage is folded around a 5" ruler, then folded in half and stacked on cube storage shelves from Target. I can get two stacks side by side in a cubby.