Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Blogiversay to me!!

This time last year (on September 6th) I started this blog!! Prior to my quilting blog I had a personal blog and I didn't really post that often so I thought this blog might not survive through the first few weeks. This is my 78th post!!

Sometimes I've blogged often and other times infrequently depending on what life has thrown at me, but the reasons that I have continued are that I have loved having a record of my creations and how I have changed and improved over the past year or so, and also the feedback from others in the quilting community. I have really enjoyed meeting so many people through the blogisphere and I have appreciated every one of you that have left a comment, sent me an email, or become a follower. Many of you have given me so much inspiration through your own blogs! 12 months ago I couldn't have imagined having 100 followers, I admit I was pretty stoked when I had just a few non-family followers.


Here are a few things I have achieved in the past year:

1. I completed my first "real" quilt and made a few more.

2. I have participated in a few Bees and have just commenced my first ever swap.

3. I have gained confidence in my fabric selection. I no longer feel that I have to go with a particular fabric range rather than picking out individual fabrics that I love.

4. I started my journey into free motion quilting and have improved greatly with straight line quilting.

5. I have way too many projects on the go but have realised that it doesn't matter. What I love most about quilting is trying something new and practicing new skills, rather than just concentrating on the finished product.

Here are a couple of other things that I've realised lately:

1. Many of the things I have made and gifted I have not taken photos of.

2. I have made many things for others, yet I have made nothing for my husband, myself or our home (except for a couple of pincushions). Our couches are screaming out for some colourful cushions, so once I've finished with my present commitments this is first on my priority list to rectify.

Here are some of the things I had gifted to my sister Ellen but not taken photos of until now:

My favourite cushion/pillow I have made for her. It's her favourite too and lives on her bed.

Here it is wth one of the other cushions I made for her last Christmas.

Here's the other cushion I made for her last Christmas. Kate had made the There's a Square in There quilt (behind) for their wedding nearly 12 months before and I knew I wanted to make a cushion to coordinate. The circular flying geese and wonky nine-patch cushion live on their lounges in their living room.

Here are all the cushions together ...

The two Henna Garden cushions were generously bought by Ellen for the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions. They are going to live on their daughter Ella's bed.

There were a few other things I didn't get around to taking photos of, but I did take some of this journal cover.  I adapted it from this tutorial ...

 Here is the inside cover .....

So my plan for the next 12 months is to keep a better record of what I create, including taking more photos (maybe I should also think about labelling my quilts too), and also making some things for our home, especially a quilt for my husband. He has put up with a lot of "does this fabric go with that?"and "what do this think of this block?", not to mention all the fabric I have bought and all the time I spent quilting over the past year -  to not have a quilt of his own.

What are your quilting plans for the year ahead??


  1. My Quilting Plans are to Use some of the ridiculous amounts of Fabric I have, and try not to buy more, I am also going to try and just DO IT and stop worrying if I'm going to stuff it up!

  2. Happy blogversary to you! Love the pillows and hearing of the highlights of this year. My quilting plans...to aim to keep my fabric lust in check, finish off some projects & just enjoy my stitching time!

  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary!! I love all your pillows and the journal cover, too. Glad you've decided to making something for you and the family as well. You've accomplished a lot in a year-- strong work!! And congrats, again!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!
    You know life is just so busy I have no set plans anymore for what I want to achieve creatively...I am just going to try to keep sewing, to keep the joy and spark alive!

  5. Happy B to you!! Happy B to you!! Happy B.... to You...... Happy B to you!!!
    I have loved your blog from the very beginning! xx Love Bec xx

  6. What fabric is the journal cover made of? It's gorgeous :)

  7. Congrats on your blogiversary! I just came across your blog. I'm also someone who doesn't blog that regularly so I can totally understand your shock that people follow! :) I love that journal cover!

  8. Happy Blogiversary! I've enjoyed following the ups and downs of your year and look forward to the next one :)
    I need to spend less time online and more time crafting - I have too many part finished projects!

  9. Congratulations on your Blogiversary. I don't have any major quilting plans for the coming year, other than to keep making quilts. I'm addicted.

  10. Happy blogiversary! I'm so happy that you've kept your blog going, and I can't wait for our quilting retreat on the weekend, where we can celebrate your blogiversary with lots of chocolate!

    Those cushions look gorgeous altogether. I really need to make some cushions too, and a quilt for me and an updated quilt for my husband.

  11. Congratulations on your blogiversary!! So nice to look back at what you've achieved over this past year! I love all the cushions lined up on the couch, so pretty and colourful! My hopefully short term goal is to get the 3 quilt tops I have all quilted! They've been waiting too long!