Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ellen's First Quilt!

12 months ago I got to spend some wonderful time with all of my family in Sydney. We did many lovely things together, but one of the things I really enjoyed was going shopping with my sister Ellen to buy fabric for her first quilt. She decided on a lovely stack of soothing green, blue and grey fabrics and a stacked coins theme and then promptly cut and pieced the quilt top in no time at all.

Unfortunately we ran out of time on that trip, so the rest had to wait until we got together again in September. On this trip she pieced the back together, spray basted the quilt sandwich and echo quilted the columns in straight lines all whilst she cared for her brand new baby boy. Unfortunately we ran out of time again!

Over Christmas our sister Kate was able to show her how to bind her quilt and I was so pleased to see a photo of the finished quilt today. Isn't it gorgeous? She made it for her husband, and I think he'll love it!

Great job Elle!! I hope you make many more :)


  1. Great Job!
    Everyone's first Quilt is very special ;0)

  2. Well done Ellen! Looks great. Hopefully first of many :)

    It was so lovely spending time with you. I'm so impressed that you've finished the binding so fast!