Friday, September 17, 2010

Pine For You

This will be the first throw size quilt that I have quilted. As I mentioned once before, I have quilted lots of smaller items but never a proper quilt! The pattern is Pine For You by Kate Conklin (my sis) and I love it - the instructions were so easy to follow and it all came together so fast - I finished the entire quilt top in a weekend (and I definately was a novice quilter - only the second quilt top I had made). Purple is definately not my favourite colour but it is my mother-in-law's favourite colour by a mile, so I hope she loves it.

I made the quilt top at the end of last year and got it all basted, but in the end ran out of time to quilt it before Christmas arrived (I was a little nervous to try to rush the quilting in case I mucked it up). So I have finally pulled it out of the cupboard and started to quilt it in time for this Christmas. I decided to go with something really simple - I have machine stitched in the ditch around each block and the border and am just about to start hand quilting around the trees. This will also be my first time hand quilting ..... so just wondering what thread and needles you would recommend hand quilting with ???


  1. I LOVE all your projects... you shoulve started a blog AGES ago!! xx Im loving it! xx needle and thread?? Hand quilting thread...def pearle cotton No.8, would have to be my fav..the egyptian cotton is lovely...and needle?? I dont know.. i like little ones! xx

  2. Looks great! I agree, the trees would look great quilted in a Perle thread.

  3. Yes, hand quilt around the trees, just remember to have fun with it :) It doesn't matter if the stitches aren't completely even, it gives it a handmade look. I like using Perle cotton no. 8 and Chenille needles size 24. I like the hand quilting standing out on mine. Good luck. She's going to LOVE it!