Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Recently I entered a giveaway over at Mary of Mary on Lake Pulaski's blog.

Mary made some lovely aprons for her 5 sisters and herself using an Attitude Girls panel and she generously offered to make an apron for the follower with the most sisters ... and that was me!! Yay!!

Check out Mary and her sisters and Mum here and check out some of her beautiful quilts too.

Like Mary I have 5 sisters and also like Mary 3 are older and 2 are younger....

Here I am (far left) with 4 of my sisters earlier this year. My baby sister wasn't in this photo because she was a little bit busy ....

Don't they look stunning!!

I also have 1 wonderful brother that is getting married later this year, bringing yet another sister into our family :)

One of my sisters has done her best to even the score with a great bunch of boys

Thank you Mum & Dad for giving me a wonderful family YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
I can't wait until December until we are all together again XO

P.S. Thanks Elle for letting me use your photos :)


  1. Oh Amelia...that is soo cute!! xx i love sister pics xx

  2. You are all so cute. What a beautiful family.

  3. Family don't we love them and they love us I'm sure, and your family is lovely.
    Congrats on the win!

  4. That was such a lovely day! I'm looking forward to the next two wedding!

  5. Lovely pics of your sisters with hubbies & kids. And congratulations on such a special, special win ! Warm wishes to all of you from Tokyo, Japan!