Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meeting Grace

This weekend I have been blessed to meet my darling new niece Grace. She is so small and snuggly and just devine. Here she is at 10 days old having a cuddle with her Mum Kate ......

 Isn't she adorable?!!
And of course a special girl needs a special quilt, so I made her this ......

The rings are made with mainly Prints Charming fabrics and a few solids, the background is Moda Bella Solid in grey and I used Denyse Schmidt's "Single Girl" pattern. I pieced the back with more Prints Charming fabrics and a soft polkadot cotton voile.

Here she is having a kick on her quilt. Look how tiny she is!! So cute!!

Well I found it hard to stop there ... I was really enjoying sewing baby things so I also made a baby change mat from one of Joel Dewberry's Aviary fabrics and a soft butter coloured chenille. It was so easy to make and I used this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. It matches Kate's baby bag.

It has space in it to hold some nappy wipes and a couple of nappies (diapers) too ......

I also had fun making a couple of bibs, one for the week days and one for Sunday :)

The one on the left was made using a great tutorial from Sew She Sews. The back is also made from a snuggly soft chenille ......

It was wonderful meeting Grace and I can't wait for the next cuddle!!


  1. She is just a cutie! She is definitely all ready for anything now, because a wonderful aunt who loves her!

  2. She is so cute! The rings on the quilt look huge with her laying on them!

  3. Oh, Meelie, I absolutely love the quilt! You are such a sweetie to make me such a gorgeous quilt with those beautiful fabrics. It will be treasured and well used, as will the other little gifts. I'm so impressed that the nappy change mat matches my baby bag too! Thanks you so much, Love Kate

  4. What a lucky little girl. To have such a beautiful quilt made for her.

  5. Sweet photos Amelia and sweet gifts for Grace! She is adorable.

  6. Oh Amelia!!!!! The quilt is AMAZING!!! I love it!! And the other pressies!! What a lucky little girl to have an aunty like you. Xxx I hope your well. Xx

  7. Gorgeous gifts for sweet that quilt!

  8. What a beautiful girl and quilt! Congrats to the whole family!

  9. Oh Meelie ... you are so talented!! I am having cuddle jealousy right now and I cant wait to have snuggles with little Gracie. Miss you Milla xoxo

  10. A Single Girl for a Single Girl...she's Stunning!!!!!!!
    Both Grace and your Quilt!

  11. Beautiful, I love the colour choices!

    Do you use batting for the bibs when you use chenille for the backing?

  12. Lovely baby & a gorgeous quilt .... loving the SG design even more every time I see one!!! I've just started cutting to make a King sized one! Might finish it before I'm 90!!! Thanks for sharing!