Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There's a Square in There: Big Girl Edition

Whilst I was making the baby girl "There's a Square in There" quilts, I decided that I wanted to make one a little larger (for a big girl) but not as large as the full size quilt, so I made it 3x3 blocks and left out the sashing. I used the same Erin McMorris fabrics for this quilt as I did the 2 baby quilts, but used an aqua background fabric instead.

Jeannette quilted this one with a fairly dense modern fan pattern and I love the texture it gives. 

I wanted to keep the back fairly simple, so I used the same aqua solid fabric for the back but added in 3 more blocks to add a little interest. It's very minimalist but I like how this quilt can be used on either side :)


I can't remember who the binding fabric is made by, but I love the pink, orange, green and aqua stripes that tie in so well with the rest of the quilt.

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