Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Circle of Geese

When I saw this great tutorial for a circular flying geese block I bookmarked it right away and knew it was a block I really wanted to make. So when I recently saw Jessica's mug rug I couldn't put it off any longer.

This ...

Became this ...

x4 became this (approx 12") ......

I love the look of this block, but after making just one of them I can't see myself having the patience to make a whole quilt out of this block anytime soon .... Now I've just got to decide what I am going to make out of this one .... a potholder perhaps?!?

P.S. Hubby came home safely late Sunday evening after a very long drive ... glad to have him home :)


  1. Ooh, its just lovely! Very clever! I would put a border on it and make it into a cushion (if I ever made cushions - but I'm sure you could work it out).

  2. I love the orange against the gray. It's a great block!

  3. Cushion definitely!
    loving all of the blogs going on
    talented girls

  4. Love the colours! I can't see a whole quilt made with this block either, but it is a great pattern!

  5. This is definitely onmy 'to do' list! I thinking it might make a great cushion for my sofa.

  6. Oh that's gorgeous. I'd totally make the whole quilt from that, if only to see how lots of the blocks together would look. Such a lovely choice of colours too.

    Where do you find most of your fabric from? Do you buy from stores in Adelaide are you an online shopper?