Friday, October 15, 2010


My husband is in Moomba (approx 7 hours drive away). On this map red means roads closed due to flooding .... I suppose it means he isn't coming home today :(

What is with this weather?? It is supposed to be Spring!! It was 30 degrees (86 degrees fahrenheit) on Sunday and today it is currently 9 degrees (48 degrees fahrenheit) and really windy and rainy ... crazy!!

Anyone own a helicopter (or maybe a boat) I can borrow??


  1. That really sux! Ah well, make the most of it by sew sew sewing (the nice thing about not having hubby around is that the kids don't care if the house is a mess - although I had better go and do some housework as he's coming home tonight!)

    Hope he gets home sooner rather than later.

  2. That's crazy! Husbands who are supposed to be home but aren't is no fun at all. I hope he gets home safe and sound soon!

    Jennifer :)

    PS I got my giveaway package yesterday! Thank you, thank you!