Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet The Family: Part 2

My hubby and the camera are still flooded in - so today I am going to share with you the other half of my family...

I have seen lots of pictures in blog land where man's best friend tries out the newly completed quilt .... this DOES NOT and WILL NOT EVER happen in my home.....

Don't get me wrong, I love my 2 beautiful dogs but they are not lap dogs!!

This is Uzi (and no we didn't name him). He is a 9 year old German Shepherd that we rescued when he was 2. He had previously been a working security dog, but his owner injured his back and could no longer work Uzi and so he was just left out in the back yard with no attention. He is protective of us and our home but has a such a sweet nature and is very friendly to anyone that we invite into our home. Uzi is obedient and easygoing and usually wants nothing more than a cuddle, a walk and some tasty food. He does a great impersonation of a floor rug don't you think?

Here he is doing some training in his younger days ....

This is Bella ....

..... our one year old Belgian Shepherd (Malinois). This girl is a sweetheart deep down (sometimes really deep down :) She has real attitude and loves to tease Uzi whenever she gets the chance.

In the 1st 6 months of her puppyhood she put a hole in nearly every article of clothing that I owned. She would get excited and jump up and her sharp baby teeth would catch in whatever I was wearing. I am happy to say that she no longer puts holes in my clothes. Luckily puppies grow up in more ways than one!!!

She has such a high drive, loves to play and can be very obedient when a tasty treat, toy or a cuddle is on offer.

They make me smile :)


  1. One of our friends has a Belgian Malinois and they are trying her to be a search and rescue dog, possibly a cadaver dog as well. I understand they are really smart.

  2. They are so beautiful. I love dogs.

  3. No not lap dogs , my cattle dogs aren't either .
    Yours are gorgeous though .

  4. Beautiful dogs! Found your site from That Girl..That Quilt! Thanks for sharing the QAYG progress - looking good!