Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strawberry Castles & some advice needed ...

I've been wanting to make Bec from Chasing Cotton's Sand Castles quilt ever since I first saw it on her blog! I wanted to make it even more once I saw her version in person. It's pretty spectacular!!!

So recently I've had fun piecing the blocks out of Strawberry Lemonade by Me & My Sister Designs.

This isn't the final lay out  and excuse the poor lighting, but I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on a couple of things .....

Should I sash the blocks?? And if so, what colour sashing do you think I should use? I've overlapped the blocks a bit to fit them onto my "design wall" so there is actually a little more" sky" between the sides of each castle.

Do you think the blue and white prints in the "castles" blends too much with the background blue spots on white "sky" fabric? I'm just not sure.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. It looks lovely. Maybe define each element by blanket stitching, in a dark thread, around them. This is would make the blue of the castles stand out from the blue of the sky.

  2. Looks great! Sashing would highlight each block...maybe a bit bold? I think the blues are okay, some blocks are just a bit more subtle. It really does look fabulous!

  3. Ohhhh its gorgeous!! I love your fabric choices... Sashing?? Maybe a dark solid sashing? I dont think it blends too much. It looks great. xx And yes I havent emailed you yet... BUT... Yes def so a little project for your binding tute!! xx Do you think you could have it done for next week?? xx Love Bec xx

  4. Gorgeous and I love it just the way it is with no sashing. Yes the blue does blend into the background a little more than the other blocks but I love it just the way it is - I think it gives those blocks more interest, being more subtle

  5. Love the castles!! They are lovely.
    I love sashing in general, and I'm envisioning a blue sashing for this quilt. But even if you don't do sashing, it'll be a beautiful quilt.

  6. Wonderful castles, love the soft pinks. i generally always feel that my quilts seem half dressed without sashing, but thar is me.

  7. OOooo! I would try sashing them in some solids in different colors! Make it like a fairy tale land!