Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday Fun: Part One

I returned on Thursday night from a fabulous holiday visiting with family in Sydney and I must say a big THANK YOU to my dear husband for organising the trip for me and to my wonderful sisters and their families for making the trip so special.

On the first day, Kate picked me up from the airport and we had a lovely day going to 2 of my new favourite places. First stop was Prints Charming ......

(Thanks to Kate for taking these photos.)

Both Kirsten and Cath were so lovely. I asked if they had any of the heart mobile panels left and they said that they didn't but that they could make one for us. In the end Kate and I got a green and a blue panel between us and we decided to go half and half.

They were so generous with their time and talents! 

I just love their bright and cheery fabrics. I am planning to make a little boys quilt out of these very soon.

Next stop, Material Obsession

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the shop because I was too busy looking at their gorgeous fabric and quilts. They had such a great range of fabric and Kathy and her staff were so friendly and helpful too. I picked up a few Kaffe prints to go into my Red Centre quilt and I couldn't pass up these pretty solids .....

Then we headed back to Kate's and we got stuck into some serious quilting and chatted non-stop about fabric, sewing, quilting  .... get the drift. I think our husband's were both very glad to not be there :)

Here is a little of what I was working on .....

Part 2 coming to blog near you soon :)


  1. It sounds wonderful! I would love to visit both places one day. I love the Kaffe fabric in the last picture!
    Good quality solids seem to be hard to get here in aus, I'm glad you found some and you got some nice colours there!

  2. Prints Charming and Material Obsessions in one day! That would be a dream for me! Love what you are working on!