Monday, January 24, 2011

WOW ... Thank You!

I have really been blown away with all the wonderful people who have made bids on my cushions. So thank you all! I have never made anything for anyone except family and close friends and I must admit when I first started making the cushions I wasn't sure if they were anyone else's style and I feared they might not be bid upon.

Today I had a busy day at work and during my late lunch break I thought I'd check on the auction items and was rendered speechless (tears actually) when I saw a couple of bids from my little sister Ellen. My immediate thought was "I would have made them for her for free", but how wonderful that she was willing to donate to a cause where there is such a great need.

So congratulations Ellen!! You have won both cushions at $100 a piece. I am so happy that they are going to the same home, they didn't want to be separated. Please email me your receipt and address (yes I should remember it, but I don't) and I will get them off to you ASAP.

For those that didn't win the auctions (I wish I had more cushions to send to you but unfortunately I don't), you can still enter my Sherbet Pips giveaway!! It will be drawn at 1200 on Wednesday.

I have been thinking about doing a tutorial on how I make my cushion covers. If you are interested let me know and I'll see what I can do.


  1. Your cushion covers are a beautiful pair! I'm sure they will look great on Ellen's lounge!

  2. It's brought tears to my eyes too! What wonderful sisters I have.

    I want to know how you make your cushion covers, but I want to have a personal tutorial next time you come down:)

  3. Your cushions are gorgeous!! I have just ordered a FQ bundle of the Henna Garden prints to make a quilt so I would really love to see a tutorial on how you made the cushions so I could make some to match:)

  4. yay!! I'm so happy I won them! so worth the money to own two more Amelia Sliedecht originals! I will send you a photo soon wearing my frilly apron and writing in my quilted journal whilst laying on my 5 cushions :) I'm totally your biggest fan :)