Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Wonderful Mum!!

This is my Mum & Dad!

(Aren't they a good looking couple?!)

I thought since it is Mother's Day I would share a couple of things that I love about my Mum!!

She is friendly and caring to others that she might not even know. I remember when I was a teenager my Mum had just picked me up from my piano lesson and as we were driving home we saw this older woman staggering on the footpath. My Mum immediately pulled her car over to check that she was ok. It quickly became very evident that the woman was intoxicated (she'd been through a lot of hardships recently) so my Mum gave her a lift home to make sure she was safe and not at risk of getting hit by a car and that there was someone home that could look after her. She is always thoughtful of others and has a friendly smile for those she meets!

She is a fantastic Mum to all seven of us kids (and our husbands/wife and grandkids etc). She is always there for us. When we were growing up she seemed to have boundless energy and I am still amazed at the amount that she can accomplish in one day!! She is a wonderful example of the mother I hope to be like one day!!

She is a wonderful cook .... I miss her food!

She is a wonderful example to me of standing up and doing what is right! I can not think of a time when I was growing up that she did not encourage me to live my best life and do the right thing. She and Dad are now serving a mission for our Church and I am so proud of the fearless way that she has gone to a foreign country where she speaks very little of their language to serve and teach the people there. Thanks Mum for being so AMAZING!!!

To all the Mother's out there today ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!
In my opinion, there is nothing more important than your role of being a mother :)


  1. Thanks Amelia
    This was most unexpected and touching
    But then again what can you expect from perfect children :)
    Love you

  2. Amelia that is such a lovely post - your mum has every right to be proud of you as you are of her. Has brought a tear to my eye xx